Arm candy


While there is no right or wrong way to do this, some days I take my time and then others I simply put on the first bracelet that I see if sometimes none at all. Now, don’t get your panties in a wad. We aren’t solving a mathematical equation but on those days where I want things just so I do follow a step by step process in selecting my bracelets for the day.


Step 1: select your focal point or most of the time your largest piece


Step 2: add a smaller bracelet that compliments your focal point


Step 3: add in a couple more bracelets in the same colors. Do you want to know a secret? Not everything has to sparkle! My favorite thing about this combination is the muted gold and silver with the rhinestones. They all compliment each other and that’s what we want. Well, me anyway.

I am actually very proud of myself. Ok, ok I’ll tell you. Gosh you people are so pushy! I have never been much of an “arm candy” girl. I think the reason why I have struggled with this is due to the fact that I have short arms. It’s true. Being that I’m 5’1″ I indeed have short arms and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by bracelets. I feel that they overcrowd my wrists. But, because I become jealous when I see girls with stacked bracelets I have learned how to make it work with my appendage problem. For me, I have realized that dainty, and for the most part gold or silver look best. So, I’m trying! I’m working with what my mama gave me! I just had to throw that in.

Bauble Bar chain link bracelet, Forever 21 bangle, David Yurman bracelet


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