Right now I’m in the process of switching my wardrobe over from winter to spring. I’m not breaking out the short sleeve tops and skirts yet but I’m excited to wear these floral pants for the first time. I knew I couldn’t wait until spring to wear these so I made them appropriate for winter by adding my coziest hunter green turtle neck. I’m not only changing my wardrobe but I’m also changing my hair as you may have noticed. I went in needing a trim but I decided to go all out. BANGS! “My hair is so now!” You know I had to slip that Legally Blonde quote in. This is a big deal for me. Bangs have never cooperated with me so I had given up on my dream of having them up until now. I’ve only ever had bangs that swoop to the side so I thought I’d give the full bang look a go. I must say, I’m loving it! Between the new bangs and floral pants, I’d say this transition into spring is going pretty bangin’ well!

Gianni Bini sweater, Beulah floral jeans, Vince Camuto flats,


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