FALLing in love: fall nail polishes


From left to right: Essie’s Devil’s Advocate, Aruba blue, For the Twill of it, Armed and Ready, Going Incognito, Merino Cool


Devil’s Advocate is one of those staple fall colors. It’s not black, but it’s as close as you can get without fully committing to such as harsh color.


Aruba blue is bright, but not too bright. Just because it is fall, doesn’t mean we have to put away bright colors. However, hot orange, hot pink, and neon green should probably be left for spring (in my opinion). Stick with the cooler, darker brights and you’re good to go.


For the Twill of it is without a doubt the most versatile color that I own. You can wear it sheer like I did for the picture or you can put a darker color underneath. Devil Advocate is a great choice for this. This polish doesn’t translate well in pictures. In the light it changes from purple to green metallic.


When I think fall, I think of Armed and Ready. It’s a deep olive green without being too green. It’s a great everyday color with a hint of gold shimmer.


Now this, this is green. I can’t say enough good things about Going Incognito. It’s a color that wears well with just about any fall outfit you have in mind. If you dare, go incognito.

Merino Cool is the perfect transitional color. No matter if the seasons are changing from Summer to Fall or from Winter to Spring, it’s perfect.

Let me know which colors you might be trying out this fall!


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