Stripes on Stripes

IMG_8279 IMG_8283 IMG_8290IMG_8298 IMG_8303

Yesterday was the first day that I wished I had worn thicker layers. Not only did I wish this while wearing my “cute” outfit, but I also desperately wished I had put on thicker layers later that day when I went deer hunting. The boyfriend warned me. Did I listen? I’ll let you decide. And to answer your question, no I didn’t kill anything. I’m waiting on the big one to walk out.

On another note, I would like to know your stance on Christmas decorations and when they should be put out. Personally, I feel that they shouldn’t be put out until the day after Thanksgiving but I enjoy my decorations so much that I put mine up at the beginning of November…hypocritical? I think so. However, in my defense my decorations coordinate with my existing room decor so I feel that it wouldn’t be ridiculous to remain festive year round.

I’ll let you ponder on my philosophy.

Mental note to Taylor: I really should wear this jacket more often. You guys have only ever seen it one other time!

Shirt Dillard’s {on sale!}
Jacket similar
Skirt similar
Tights Forever 21
Booties Seychelles
Purse Coach similar
Sunglasses Coach similar
Scarf similar


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