For my first home decor post, I thought it was kind of strange to start with the office. The rest of the house is decorated but I’m just so darn excited to finally have an office of our very own (I think I’m more excited than B)! So, this is where we’re going to start. Does it count if it shares a room with the guest bedroom?

I remember when I was little, I used to feel so grown up when I would sit at a desk. Visiting my Mamaw and Papaw was always so much fun because I knew I would get to sit in Papaw’s office chair and pretend to write tickets for customers.

{Desk-old, chair-garage sale, pillow-TJMaxx, trash can-TJMaxx}
IMG_6193{fringed wall-art}IMG_6200

{lamp, acrylic file box, bowl, photo box-TJMaxx}


P.S. I plan to use the bowl for stray paperclips

IMG_6202{basket-TJMaxx similar}




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