Living room + Dining room

IMG_7136IMG_7137IMG_7141 IMG_7139IMG_7163 IMG_7147IMG_7161 IMG_7155 IMG_7159 IMG_7158 IMG_7160 IMG_7165 IMG_7170 IMG_7166 IMG_7179 IMG_7152 IMG_7168 IMG_7172 IMG_7176 IMG_7177

It’s been so much fun decorating our first home. While this isn’t our forever home, we have purchased some pieces that we hope will last us for a long time. We will quickly grow out of our little pub table but when we move, we can always use it more as a breakfast table to accompany a long, rectangular dining table. We’ve gone with a neutral color scheme with an accent of turquoise. We used the canvas as a focal point for the entire room since it is, in fact, one room. I couldn’t be more happy with the way everything has turned out! It was interesting moving in with B. He is a country boy who is very VERY into deer mounts and everything outdoorsy. As you can see, we’ve got two mounts in the living room and soon there will be a third. I’m afraid I lost that battle. It’s been challenging combining our two styles but I think we’ve got something good going on that incorporates both a masculine and feminine aesthetic. I wanted a few rustic pieces but I didn’t want it to scream rustic-do you get what I mean? The coffee table and end tables perfectly combine both rustic and modern-that’s exactly what I was looking for. Blake is somewhat up for whatever as long as it’s not girly (in other words-pink and glittery). And I’m totally ok with that.


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