Earthy tones

IMG_7326 IMG_7360 IMG_7384 IMG_7344IMG_7349

{top-Rodeo Boutique (similar-especially love the striped one!), pants-Zara (similar), necklace-HerringStone’s Boutique (similar), shoes-Target}

I love an earthy-toned color palette. As you saw earlier this week, our home loves earthy tones too (as well as earthly critters). Today, I was in the barn. The barn is where the barn cats reside. They started off as Tom and Jerry. Well..I made an announcement on Instagram this week but I thought I should let you all know here too. Get ready. This is a really important announcement. I changed the cat’s names. For good reason though! See, I named them before I got to know them. Though I haven’t been able to officially confirm, I think one of the cats is a girl. She is prissy; so naturally her name is now Priscilla. When I informed my mom of this, she suggested that I change the other cat’s name to Elvis. Now they’re a match made in barn heaven! They’re adapting well to their new home. The barn is an old, abandoned horse barn. It’s complete with old horse poop and a hay loft that is sufficiently creepy. Imagine a scary movie where a murderer lives…yep, that’s our barn. I could write a whole post about the creepy things that have happened out here in the country. I’ll spare you the nightmares.


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