Jumping for joy

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I’ve been on the hunt for a jump suit for a while now. The hunt has proven to be quite difficult being that I’m only 5’1″. Let’s face it all of my short girls…most jump suits are made for gals with a long torso and even longer legs. I found this jump suit at the one and only Target. Yes, the legs were way too long but that wasn’t anything a sewing machine couldn’t fix! This jump suit had to meet all sorts of criteria. Now that I’m a teacher, I try to purchase things that can be worn both at school and for other events. This jump suit was perfect for both. I wore this combo to a friend’s wedding and definitely plan on wearing it to school this week. Oh, and I wore it to church. Three times in one week isn’t bad, right? Remember…this is a no judgement blog.

{jump suit-Target, shoes-local boutique (similar), clutch-Target (on sale!), blazer-Target (similar), earrings-Dillard’s (similar set)}


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