Spring things

This past week I got pretty excited about the upcoming season. Was it because Friday was the first day of Spring? Yes, probably. I find Spring very refreshing. Consequently, I also feel the compulsive need to clean, organize, and get rid of everything I haven’t used in a while. Want to know my rule of thumb? If I didn’t wear it last Spring, I won’t wear it this Spring. To the consignment shop (or a friend) it goes.  This season I find that I’m more into the accessories rather than the clothes.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am into the clothes but I’m having fun re-merchandising my own closet.

Here are a few things that had me particularly inspired this week.

IMG_0795 IMG_0798

These sandals have me pumped.  I have no better word for the way they make me feel.


A little sneak peek of my Easter ensemble.  More to come on that.  Can’t give too much away right now. 😉


Before I actually started wearing “springier” type clothing, I started “springing” it up by wearing these two colors.

Julie G’s Gelato in Venice and Essie’s Lovie Dovie


MAC’s Snob will most definitely be my go-to this season.

Fill me in on your “go-to’s” for Spring 2015!


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