10 Puppy Essentials

Puppy Essentials

As I was preparing for Poppy’s arrival, I searched the internet for any helpful blogs and/or articles discussing the essentials. While I do find these essentials to be common knowledge, I wanted to find the products that actually work or the products that people and their pups prefer. These items I decided on on my own and I’ve found that they do actually work. I decided to put together my top 10 puppy essentials to help those of you preparing for a pup or for those simply looking to update your pup’s belongings. I hope this helps!
1. Leash
I opted for a non-retractable leash. I read in an article that a retractable leash teaches a puppy to pull but they are very convenient especially when it’s raining.
2. Collar
I purchased Poppy an inexpensive collar before this one came in so she could get used to wearing one before she wore this one. I didn’t want her to scratch the stones off. So far she seems to like her fabulous collar!
3. Vitamin enriched shampoo
I love the smell of this shampoo. Poppy probably needs one bath a day because of all of the stuff she gets into but too many baths can actually dry out a puppy’s skin. I’m aiming for one bath every 2 weeks (depending on the circumstance).
4. Puppy food
My family has used this brand of food for years. It keeps their poop regular and firm. Simple as that.
5. Treats
Poppy LOVES these treats. Because of how small Poppy is, I cut each treat into small pieces. Every time she goes to the bathroom outside, I give her a treat so that she knows she did something good.
6. Kennel and pad
This kennel enables Poppy to see out of every side and the fact that there are two doors makes it convenient for me.
7. Training pads
While I’m not training Poppy to use a puppy pad but to go outside, I do have a couple of pads near exterior doors just in case. In the event that she does go on the training pad, I don’t have to immediately throw them away because they are scented and lined.
8. Food bowls & food mat
When I picked Poppy up, the breeder informed me that she had one downfall-she loves playing and dumping over her water bowl. I knew these Martha Stewart food bowls were good because they’re wider on the bottom to make them harder to tip over and so far she’s only tipped it over twice! I also got the mat to contain any messes-boy oh boy can she makes a mess!
9. Soft toy & chew toy
I recommend getting a soft toy and a chew toy for your pup. By giving them a variety of things they’re actually allowed to chew on, they may be less likely to chew the legs of your dining room chairs and your tennis shoes. Anytime I catch her chewing something she is not supposed to, I immediately replace it with her chew toy.
10. Canvas bin
I got a bin similar to this one for her toys. It’s functional and looks good on the floor in our living room.


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