Pop of pink



Dress: ChicWish (on sale!) | Shoes: Dillard’s (similar) | Necklace: J.Crew (similar) | Clutch: Gigi New York

Hi, remember me? We used to be the best of friends but I’ve been neglecting you. The truth is…its summer. That’s right. I’m blaming it on the season. I’ve just been sorry the past month. We all have those months, right? You know…the kind where you just can’t manage to get motivated to do anything.

Since the last time we visited, I’ve journeyed to Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri and the beaches of Destin, Florida. I’ve baked cookies, watched the entire box set of Sex and The City, and I’m still in the process of house training Poppy. Those of you who have or have had a puppy, you understand that it’s a full time job. Though I’ve so enjoyed this leisure time, I am ready to get back into a routine. I’ve only got 3 full weeks left before school starts back up. I’m excited for a new school year. Then I won’t have as much time to bake cookies.

P.S. That’s a good thing.

Let’s talk about this dress for a sec. Remember this post? I ordered this dress three months ago and it FINALLY came in. That’s due to my incorrectly entering my shipping address. #oops. Nevertheless, it’s here and it was so worth the wait! I first saw this dress on Kendi Everyday then ended up seeing it all over Instagram. It was teasing me for three months. THREE MONTHS. To church last Sunday, I put a jean jacket over top and for date night last night, I wore it as is. It’s quite versatile. I think I’ll even wear it with boots! I’m kidding.


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