A Teacher’s Wardrobe: Part 2

Teacher's Wardrobe-Old Navy pants

From left to right: Pixi Pant in Black/White dots | Linen Blend Pant in White | Linen Blend Cargo Joggers in Getting Figgy With It | Mid-Rise Pleated Soft Pant in Blackjack | High-Rise Soft Knit Pants in Orange

If there’s one thing that I live in at school, it’s pants. I’m so glad that pants have become so diverse and versatile. Last year when I was on the hunt for pants to wear to school, I discovered my love of Old Navy’s Pixi Pants. They fit me perfectly, look professional, and are so comfortable! They also come in A TON of different patterns and solids. If something works, I buy it in a few different colors. Why not!?

This year, “joggers” have come on the scene. While I won’t wear the sweatpants style to work, I do love the more structured ones that come in a cotton and/or linen blend. I put together the pants that I’ve snagged recently at Old Navy with a direct link to each of them for your shopping pleasure. 🙂

Recently when I’ve gone to Old Navy, if I don’t need an item immediately I’ll search for it online. Their online merchandise is usually on sale if isn’t in the store. Why not save a few bucks!? I’ll try things on in the store and check if it’s on sale online. If it is, I’ll just order it! I also like to use the app Retail Me Not. You can use the code “YESPLEASE” right now to receive any 40% off of Women’s items. Can you say YES, PLEASE!? This coupon code expires tomorrow, 8/1, so take advantage now!

Happy shopping! 🙂


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