Witch Hazel


If you were to ask me what is one product that I repurchase over and over and over and over, I would say witch hazel. Now, go ahead. Ask me so it doesn’t look I just think up hypothetical questions in my spare time. So, what is witch hazel? I was clueless, too, before I learned about this holy grail product from a YouTuber. I usually won’t try a new product unless I can find a review on it from someone I trust on the internet. That’s kind of contradicting, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, witch hazel has become one of my must-have products over the years. I actually find that my skin acts up if I go without it even for a week. I’m sorry…I still haven’t answered your question! Well, I was researching that question myself and that is why I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to witch hazel. I, personally, use it as a daily toner. After I wash my face morning and night, I drench a cotton round with witch hazel, then follow up with my moisturizer. I keep a big bottle of Dickinson’s witch hazel in my bathroom and have Dickinson’s witch hazel towelettes in my purse at all times. I’ll use the towelettes in place of the liquid witch hazel while traveling.

Witch hazel has so many other benefits that I was completely unaware of until about 10:21 last night. I thought I would share with y’all what I found. The first thing you need to know is that witch hazel is an astringent meaning that is contracts your pores (and the Angels sang Hallelujah!). Astringents not only make your pores appear smaller but they also extract excess oils and blackheads. While those effects sounds great and all, they only occur after using witch hazel for an extended period of time. Here are the other benefits of using witch hazel:

1.Can help to fade hyper-pigmentation and bruises

I’ve personally had luck with this. A few years ago, my skin went crazy after switching foundations and over the years, I’ve noticed the old blemishes have gotten lighter. I have not tried witch hazel on bruises.

2.Can help to brighten around the eyes

I’ve never been one to experience baggy or discolored under eyes. However, I may not know it because I use witch hazel religiously.

3.Can temporarily reduce swollen, painful veins

Any vein can become varicose meaning that they can swell and and make it difficult for blood to flow. A washcloth dampened with witch hazel can give you temporary relief if you’re currently suffering from the pain of varicose veins.

4.Can stop bleeding

Have a cut or a scrape? Apply witch hazel to the area as you would rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. The tightening properties in witch hazel promote faster healing. Witch hazel can also disinfect! 

5.Can prevent razor-burn

Do you love having razor burn? Yea…I didn’t think so. Refer back to benefit #4; witch hazel promotes faster healing so it can come to any damaged hair follicle’s rescue!

6.Can give you relief (hemorrhoid relief)

You didn’t expect that to be a benefit, did you? Neither did I! I haven’t personally tried this one. How about you let me know how it goes?

7.Can give you relief of a sore throat

Please don’t gargle the same type of witch hazel that I put on my face. That contains alcohol! But, you can purchase witch hazel tea. It has the same properties and can dry up mucus and reduce swelling!

8.Can improve damaged gums

Refer back to benefit #7. Do not gargle the witch hazel that contains alcohol! This can also help with wisdom teeth that are coming in or after wisdom teeth that have recently been removed (any oral surgery, for that matter).

9.Can help to ease swimmer’s ear

Back to the type of witch hazel that DOES contain alcohol. By using a dropper and a cotton swab, witch hazel can help to clear up swimmer’s ear.

10.Can calm diaper rash

Again, because of witch hazel’s ability to combat inflammation, a diaper rash can be easily soothed with a wipe of witch hazel with a cotton round.

11.Can help to soothe a sun burn

This is one products everyone needs to bring with them to the beach. You should have it with you at all times anyway, but especially at the beach. It’s been a long time since I’ve suffered a throbbing, inflamed sunburn. However, if I do experience one again, you best believe I’m going to be slathering myself in witch hazel.

12.Can help to counteract the effects of poison ivy, poison oak, etc. 

Witch hazel is both drying and has anti-itch properties. Both of which are important to combat when battling poison ivy!

13.Can help to alleviate bug bites and stings

My husband is currently suffering from red bugs. I put witch hazel on the bites with a cotton round. We’ll see if it helps him!

Need I convince you more?


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