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Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Left: 3D Fibers | Transplanting Gel
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Apply one coat of your favorite mascara. To show you the difference between the mascara I’m currently using and Younique 3D Fiber Lash, I applied two coats of Benefit’s Roller Lash to my left eye and will apply Younique to my right.
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Apply the Transplanting Gel on top of your mascara.

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Immediately apply 3D Fibers while Transplanting Gel is still wet. 
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Finish off with another coat of the Transplanting Gel to lock everything in place. If you want a fuller affect, repeat steps 2, 3, and 4.
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Right: Benefit Roller Lash mascara (my current go-to) | Left: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

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Did this product require a little bit more time and dedication to my makeup routine? Yes. However, who wouldn’t want to spend a little bit more time to get results like this!? Count me in! Though I won’t be reaching for this product on a daily basis, it is one of my new favorites.

You can check out Younique 3D Fiber Lashes and other neat products here:

Younique Products | Melissa Kiper

Thank you Melissa Kiper for letting me try out this product!


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