Room reveal: bedroom


Parliament Collection by Standard Furniture | Dresser | Chesser

Gerlane King Upholstered headboard and footboard

Gabrielle Collection mirrored nightstand

Marrakesh Shag Rug

Square mirrors (very similar)

Crystal Sparkle Table Lamp

White 5×7 gallery frame (similar with gold trim)

Pinch pleat King duvet cover and sham set

Faux fur throw

Baskets in nightstands (similar)

Covent Alarm Clock

Hayworth Silver Floor Mirror Armoire

Wicker basket (similar)

Starburst mirror (very similar in gold)

I’m excited to finally share our revamped bedroom with y’all! For our two year anniversary this past November we decided that instead of going on a trip like we did last year we would invest in new bedroom furniture. I couldn’t be happier with the end result! The vibe is cozy and calm but still has an eye-catching contrast. Let me admit something to you…it looks nothing like my original vision and I’m so glad! After a company shipped the wrong rug and after the horror of realizing that our bed was about 10 shades darker than the one we ordered, we ended up with a bedroom that I couldn’t love more!

I love that our bedding is now so versatile. For the winter, I have a faux fur throw at the end. For spring and summer I might go throw free or find something that is lighter and brighter. If there were two things that I would recommend it’s that a simple, white duvet will answer all of your problems and never underestimate the power of a plant. Having both will brighten your space and add a little bit of life. Anytime I find myself thinking, “this room is missing something” it can usually be fixed with a plant or two.

Above I linked some white gallery frames with a gold trim. Seeing how Target has decided to stop carrying or just keeps selling out of the white gallery frames that I have, I might have to get my hands on the gold ones. I think the four frames look a bit skimpy above the dresser so I want to have three rows of three. I think that will be the icing on the cake. Don’t worry, I’ll update you with any changes that I make.

Have a great week!



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